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HARD HIT (2021)

Title: HARD HIT (2021)

Hard Hit

Original title: 발신제한

Director: Changju Kim
Screenwriter: Alberto Marini
Year: 2021
Time: 94 mn
Type: DrameThriller
Distribution: CJ Entertainment


TRAILER of the film: Hard Hit
Artists: Ji Chang-Wook, Woo-jin Jo, Ji-ho Kim, Jin Kyung, Jae-in Lee, Seung-su Ryu, Jun Suk-ho


Sung Gyu is the manager of a big bank with VIP clients. Every morning, he takes his children to school before going to work. One morning, on his way to school, he receives an unknown call and when he picks up the phone, the voice is unknown to him and very mysterious. The caller explains that a bomb is installed under the seat. He can’t move or it will explode. Sung Gyu has one day to collect a large sum of money or his car will explode and his children will become orphans.

Released: 23/06/2021 (South Korea)

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