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HIT TEAM (2022)

Title: HIT TEAM (2022)

Hit Team

Original title: Zhong zhuang zhan jing

Director: Ka-Wai Kam
Screenwriter: Jing Wong
Year: 2022
Time: 71 mn
Type: ActionPolicier
Distribution: Unknown


TRAILER of the film: Hit Team Artists: Bo Yuen Chan, Jordan Chan, Michelle Hu, Sabrina Qiu, Ken Wong


1996, Hong Kong. Chen Zhiwei’s police force prepares to intercept a drug deal that the son of the local crime boss, Jason Lun, is trying to make bypassing his father. Jason manages to escape, but when his father discovers what has happened, he threatens to disown him and hand over control of the triad to his daughter Yunny. Meanwhile, Zhiwei and his ex-wife Susan, also a police officer, continue to investigate the Moon family.

Released: 01/04/2022 (Usa)

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