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CITY WAR (1988)

Title: CITY WAR (1988)

City War

Original title: Yee dam hung seon

Director: Chung Sun
Screenwriter: Lu Tung
Year: 1988
Time: 92 mn
Type: ActionPolicier
Distribution: Cinema City


TRAILER of the film: City War Artists: Chow Yun-Fat, Chi Wai Wong, Lieh Lo, Lung Ti, Chi-Fai Chan, Norman Chu, Kenneth Smyth, Michael Man-Kin Chow, Tien Niu, Mary Hon, Teresa Carpio


Detectives Dick Lee and Ken Chow have different ethics and ways of working but after a tense confrontation with a major Triad boss, they must put aside their differences and hunt him down before they are both killed.

Released: 21/12/1988 (Usa)

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