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VE QUE AN TET (2018)

Title: VE QUE AN TET (2018)

Vê Quê An Têt

Original title: Vê Quê An Têt

Director: Nguyen Hoang Anh
Screenwriter: Nguyen Hoang Anh
Year: 2018
Time: 80 mn
Type: ComédieDrame
Distribution: Anh Sao Production


TRAILER of the film: Vê Quê An Têt
Artists: Thanh Van Ngo, Veronica Ngo, Jun Pham, Nguyen Trung Dan, Tuong Ngoc, Hai Trieu, Puka, Tico Tien Cong


2 sister and brother own a bus, they have a new mission to carry a rich man as long as all of his treasure to a destination. But they make a mistake of letting some thiefts on their bus who try to steal from the rich man. So what the 2 sister and brother will do to prevent that.

Released: 16/02/2018 (Vietnam)

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Thanh Van Ngo

VE QUE AN TET (2018) VE QUE AN TET (2018) VE QUE AN TET (2018) VE QUE AN TET (2018)

VE QUE AN TET (2018)

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