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VORTEX (2019)

Title: VORTEX (2019)


Original title: Ting er zou xian

Director: Jacky Gan
Screenwriter: Jacky Gan
Year: 2019
Time: 103 mn
Type: Drame
Distribution: Beijing Enlight Media


TRAILER of the film: Vortex
Artists: Chengpeng Dong, Hao Ou, Meng Li, Bingkun Cao, Baoliang Sha, Weiyu Cao, Audrey Duo, Ningjiang Zhang, En Xia, Shengye Li


LIU is in desperate need of money after losing at gambling, again. A friend can help, he just needs to steal an unregistered car back and resell it. The simple scam becomes complicated when they find a little girl in the trunk of the car.

Released: 30/08/2019 (Usa)

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