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THE BROS (2017)

Title: THE BROS (2017)

The Bros

Original title: Buradeo

Director: Chang You-jeong
Screenwriter: Sung-hye Heo
Year: 2017
Time: 102 mn
Type: Comédie
Distribution: Unknow


TRAILER of the film: The Bros
Artists: Dong-seok Ma, Dong-hwi Lee, Lee Hanee, Woo-jin Jo, Young-chang Song


Two brothers, Lee Suk-Bong and Lee Joo-Bong, meet for their father’s funeral. But instead of reuniting the family, they both deal with their individual problems. On the way to their hometown, they hit a mysterious woman by car.

Released: 02/11/2017 (South Korea)

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THE BROS (2017)

THE BROS (2017)

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