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Title: (AB) NORMAL DESIRE (2023)

(Ab)normal Desire

Original title: 正欲

Director: Yoshiyuki Kishi
Screenwriter: Ryo Asai
Year: 2023
Time: 132 mn
Type: Drame
Distribution: TV Man Union


TRAILER of the film: (Ab)normal Desire Artists: Yui Aragaki, Gorô Inagaki, Isomura Hayato, Sato Kanta, Higashino Ayaka, Bando Nozomi, Iwase Ryo, Tokunaga Eri


Keiki, a prosecutor who fears that his son, who refuses to go to school, is cut off from the world. Natsutsuki, a bedding saleswoman who has a secret and wants to cut herself off from the world. Kamichi, Natsutsuki’s middle-school classmate, who shares a secret with Natsutsuki. University student Daiya spends his days without opening his heart to anyone. Yaeko, who attends the same university as Daiya, strives to follow her heart even though she’s confused about her feelings. Their seemingly unrelated lives intersect following a certain incident.

Released: 10/11/2023 (Japan)

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