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MEMORY (2008)

Title: MEMORY (2008)


Original title: Rak Lorn

Director: Torpong Tunkamhang
Screenwriter: Torpong Tunkamhang
Year: 2008
Time: 107 mn
Type: HorreurThriller
Distribution: A.G. Entertainment


TRAILER of the film: Memory
Artists: Mai Charoenpura, Ananda Everingham, Sun Khumpirannon, Pharujee Kemsawad, Adul Dulyarat


When the police investigate reports of a little girl screaming hysterically in an apartment, they find landlady Ingorn (Mai Charoenpura) moving in with her 7 year old daughter, Pear. The daughter appears to have a mental condition but it also bruised all over her body. Suspecting abuse, they send the two to a psychiatrist over the mother’s objections. This is the first time for Krid (Ananda Everingham) to meet with Ingorn and her daughter, Pear. During the therapy, Ingorn mentions her daughter’s paranoid delusion, while Pear claims that she is possessed by a spirit of a boy who haunts and hurt her. From the fact the Pear is in the same age as Krid’s son, Krid feels a deep connection with her but the more he bonds with Ingorn’s family, the more he senses something eerie about the house where the mother and daughter live.

Released: 15/05/2008 (Thailand)

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