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Title: OLDER SISTER (2019)

Older Sister

Original title: Eonni

Director: Im Gyeong Taek
Screenwriter: Im Gyeong Taek
Year: 2019
Time: 94 mn
Type: ActionThriller
Distribution: Unknown


TRAILER of the film: Older Sister
Artists: Lee Si Young, Park Se Wan, Lee Jun Hyeok, Choi Jin Ho, Gu Hye Ryeong, Hong Seong Ho


In Ae and Eun Hye, two sisters, have been living together and caring for each other since the death of their parents. But one day, Eun Hye disappeared. In Ae will search for her beloved little sister with difficulty so much so that a thirst for revenge will emerge in her. The older sister will be ready to take revenge on those responsible for her sister’s disappearance.

Released: 01/01/2019 (South Korea)

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