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MUTANT: Ghost War Girl (2022)

Title: MUTANT: Ghost War Girl (2022)

Mutant: Ghost War Girl

Original title: 变种人:幽灵战姬

Director: Binjie Liu
Screenwriter: Binjie Liu
Year: 2022
Time: 71 mn
Type: ActionSc-Fiction
Distribution: MaoYan Prod


TRAILER of the film: Mutant: Ghost War Girl Artists: Zhenzhen Cui, Ziheng Guo, Mingxuan Li, Beige Liu, Feng-bin Mou, Miya Muqi, Na Shang, Hu Qing Yun, Yunzhen Zeng


In the future world, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. A mysterious organization has emerged in the world, specializing in organizing underground “competition” for the rich – the Battle of Tomorrow. In time, mutants spread like a drug around the world, and mutant crime has also intensified. In order to combat mutant crime, the International Security Task Fo… Read all

Released: 05/03/2022 (China)

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