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HEARTY PAWS 2 (2010)

Title: HEARTY PAWS 2 (2010)

Hearty Paws 2

Original title: Ma-eum-i Doo-beon-jjae I-ya-gi

Director: Jeong-cheol Lee
Screenwriter: Hwang-seong Kim
Year: 2010
Time: 92 mn
Type: ComédieDrame
Distribution: Unknown


TRAILER of the film: Hearty Paws 2
Artists: Dal-i, Dong-il Sung, Jeong-tae Kim, Joong-Ki Song, Jang-han, Sun-Cheon Park


When lovable Labrador Maeumee has a set of puppies, Dong-Wook’s grades start to suffer. Because of this, Dong-Wook’s mother decides to get rid of Maeumee and the puppies. The dogs then stay at a relative’s video shop until the animals can be placed into an animal training center. Meanwhile, two unscrupulous jewel thieves come into the video store and spots the little puppies.

Released: 21/07/2010 (South Korea)

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