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Title: CITY ON FIRE (1987)

City on Fire

Original title: Lung foo fung wan

Director: Ringo Lam
Screenwriter: Ringo Lam
Year: 1987
Time: 105 mn
Type: AventureAction
Distribution: Cinema City


TRAILER of the film: City on Fire Artists: Chow Yun-Fat, Chi-Shing Chan, Hong-Ning Ng, Chi-Fai Chan, Elvis Tsui, Kwok-Kin Ng, Pak Fei, Danny Lee, Chi-Ming Lau, Yueh Sun, Carrie Ng


Ko Chow is about to resign from the police force when he is asked to take on one more case. He is to go undercover in a gang that is robbing jewellery stores. He accepts the task and successfully infiltrates the gang. It is a very dangerous mission, not just because the gang might discover his true identity but because many of the police suspect he may well be a criminal.

Released: 03/02/1995 (Usa)

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