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SPIRIT: The Start of Horror (2020)

Title: SPIRIT: The Start of Horror (2020)

Spirit: The Start of Horror

Original title: 혼 : 공포의 시작

Director: Yu Seong Ho
Screenwriter: Yu Seong Ho
Year: 2020
Time: 80 mn
Type: HorreurThriller
Distribution: Unknow


TRAILER of the film: Spirit: The Start of Horror
Artists: Ok Go Woon, Choi Gyu Hwan, Choi Je Wu, Ji E Suu, Kim Seung Hyeon, Lee Dal Hyeong


Jang Ju regularly has nightmares in which her husband and relatives die… Then one day, her husband goes to the countryside to buy a small house in the woods to sell it. But he disappears.

Released: 13/02/2020 (South Korea)

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