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HAW (2022)

Title: HAW (2022)


Original title: ハウ

Director: Inudo Isshin
Screenwriter: Saito Hiroshi
Year: 2022
Time: 86 mn
Type: DrameAnimaux
Distribution: Toei Company


TRAILER of the film: Haw Artists: Tanaka Kei


Tamio Akanishi works as an office worker in Yokohama. He is rather reserved by nature and is going through a difficult period in his life: his girlfriend has just broken up with him. One day, his boss makes him adopt a big dog with white hairs which has difficulty to bark correctly. Because of this particularity, Tamio gives him the name of “Haw”. The two of them start to develop a very strong friendship!

Released: 19/08/2022 (Japan)

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