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Title: THE CHILDE (2023)

The Childe

Original title: Gwi-Gong-Ja

Director: Park Hoon-jung
Screenwriter: Park Hoon-jung
Year: 2023
Time: 118 mn
Type: ActionDrame
Distribution: Well Go USA


TRAILER of the film: The Childe Artists: Kim Seon-Ho, Kang Tae-Ju, Go Ara, Justin John Harvey, Kang-woo Kim, Hyuk-Hyun Kwon, Caroline Magbojos


“The Childe” will focus on a man born to a Korean father and a Filipino mother who aspires to be a boxer. He travels to the Philippines in the hopes of tracking down his father, and in the process, he gets mixed up with some bad people.

Released: 30/06/2023 (Usa)

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