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DEFAULT (2018)

Title: DEFAULT (2018)


Original title: Gukgabudo-ui Nal

Director: Kook-Hee Choi
Screenwriter: Seong-min Eom
Year: 2018
Time: 114 mn
Type: Drame
Distribution: CJ Entertainment


TRAILER of the film: Default Artists: Vincent Cassel, Ah-In Yoo, Hye-su Kim, Daniel Joey Albright, Woo-jin Jo, Jun-ho Heo, Won Hee Lee


A week away from South Korea’s sovereign default, people prepare countermeasures against the crisis. Shi-hyeon (KIM Hye-soo), a senior financial analyst at Bank of Korea, forecasts Korea’s financial crisis and tries to prevent this financial disaster from happening.

Released: 30/11/2018 (Usa)

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DEFAULT (2018)

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