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Title: FUNNY BUNNY (2021)

Funny Bunny

Original title: Funny Bunny

Director: Ken Iizuka
Screenwriter: Ken Iizuka
Year: 2021
Time: 103 mn
Type: DrameThriller
Distribution: KDDI Corporation


TRAILER of the film: Funny Bunny Artists: Mezi Atwood, Akihiro Kakuta, Kokoro Morita, Taishi Nakagawa, Motoki Ochiai, Amane Okayama, Reini, Hiroki Sano, Megumi Seki, Daikichi Sugawara


Satoshi Kenmochi is a rather popular novelist who, by dint of experience, has managed to develop a kind of gift: he is indeed able to detect despair in people, and thus know if they have suicidal thoughts. He decides to use this ability to save the souls in pain that he meets.

Released: 29/04/2021 (Usa)

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