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THE REBEL (2007)

Title: THE REBEL (2007)

The Rebel

Original title: Dòng máu anh hùng

Director: Charlie Nguyen
Screenwriter: Charlie Nguyen, Johnny Nguyen
Year: 2007
Time: 103 mn
Type: ActionDrame
Distribution: Chanh Phuong Phim


TRAILER of the film: The Rebel
Artists: Thanh Van NgoDustin NguyenJohnny Tri Nguyen, Johnny Nguyen, Veronica Ngo, Thang Nguyen, Chanh Tin Nguyen


France employs local secret agents in Vietnam 1922 to eliminate resistance. The rebel leader’s pretty daughter gets captured. Later an agent seems to have fallen in love with her and helps her escape. He flees, too. Lots of martial arts.

Released: 30/09/2008 (Usa)

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Thanh Van Ngo Dustin Nguyen Johnny Tri Nguyen

THE REBEL (2007) THE REBEL (2007) THE REBEL (2007) THE REBEL (2007) THE REBEL (2007)

THE REBEL (2007)

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