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GOODBYE (2022)

Title: GOODBYE (2022)


Original title: 东北告别天团

Director: Cui Zhi Jia
Screenwriter: Cui Zhi Jia
Year: 2022
Time: 95 mn
Type: ComédieDrame
Distribution: Tencent Video


TRAILER of the film: Goodbye Artists: Cui Zhi Jia, Song Xiao Feng, Diao Biao, Liang Long, Yi Yun He, Yu Yang


Fan Da Ming Bai runs a funeral store in northeastern China. Faced with personal problems when his father dies and huge surgery costs for his daughter fall on him, Fan Da Ming Bai suddenly receives a staggering funeral order from the father of a mysterious client.

Released: 24/04/2022 (China)

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