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BORN TO FLY (2022)

Title: BORN TO FLY (2022)

Born to Fly

Original title: 长空之王

Director: Liu Xiaoshi
Screenwriter: Liu Xiaoshi
Year: 2022
Time: 127 mn
Type: ActionDrame
Distribution: Alibaba Pictures


TRAILER of the film: Born to Fly Artists: Yibo Wang, Jun Hu, Yosh Yu, Dongyu Zhou, Yu Bu, Yujia Zhai, Zichen Wang, Xin Lu, Taishen Cheng, Binlong Pan


Outstanding pilots have been rigorously selected and have officially become the nation’s next generation of test pilots. Under the direction of their captain, they will participate in the test flight of the latest and most technologically advanced fighter aircraft, constantly challenging the limits of the fighter aircraft and themselves, one crisis after another.

Released: Coming soon (Usa)

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