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CLASH (2009)

Title: CLASH (2009)


Original title: Bay rong

Director: Thanh Son Le
Screenwriter: Thanh Son Le, Johnny Nguyen
Year: 2009
Time: 90 mn
Type: Action
Distribution: Chanh Phuong Phim


TRAILER of the film: Clash
Artists: Thanh Van NgoJohnny Tri Nguyen, Veronica Ngo, Hoang Phuc Nguyen, Lam Minh Thang, Hieu Hien,The Vinh Truong, Nguyen Hau


Trinh, a mercenary, must complete a series of organized crime jobs for her boss in order to win the release of her kidnapped daughter. She hires several mercenaries to help, including Quan, who she becomes attracted to. Trinh and Quan’s relationship becomes complicated as it becomes evident that their motivations are not the same.

Released: 09/08/2011 (Usa)

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Thanh Van Ngo Johnny Tri Nguyen

CLASH (2009) CLASH (2009) CLASH (2009) CLASH (2009)

CLASH (2009)

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