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189 (2021)

Title: 189 (2021)


Original title: 189

Director: Ikuo Kamon
Screenwriter: Haruko Nagatsu
Year: 2021
Time: 109 mn
Type: Drame
Distribution: Aeon Entertainment


TRAILER of the film: 189 Artists: Sei Hiraizumi, Yasuyuki Maekawa, Yûma Nakayama, Natsuna, Hiroshi Takigawa, Takuto Teranishi, Atsuki Tomori, Hisashi Yoshizawa


189 is a phone number to call when a child needs to be saved from an abusive situation. Children and adults can call that number, where they will be connected with the nearest child consultation center. Taiga Sakamoto works as a rookie child welfare officer. A girl that he worked with is being sent back to her mother.

Released: 03/12/2021 (Japan)

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